ORC of the Chesapeake championship

ORC of the Chesapeake Championship awards will be made upon conclusion of the sailing season each year. There will be awards for each division including ORC Open and ORC Performance Cruiser.

ELIGIBILITY: Membership of the owner or charterer in ORC of the Chesapeake is required to be eligible for annual championship awards.

EVENTS TO BE SCORED: The events to be scored for the ORC Chesapeake Championship will be determined annually and include only those indicated on our race schedule. View the race schedule through the link at the top of the page.

If any of the following occur, the event shall not be included in the scoring for this championship:

a) Fewer than five (5) boats are ranked as starters by the Race Committee competing in the same class.

b) There are no finishers in the same class.

SCORING: The final low point class score from each eligible event will be used to determine the winners. When a boat has a final race or series score of OCS, DNS, DNF, RET, or DSQ, it shall not be included in scoring for the ORC of the Chesapeake Championship. Only final low point scores shall be included. Should a tie remain unbroken after using Appendix A, the tie shall be broken in favor of the boat which beat the greatest number of competitors in the six (6) scored events. All yachts will be included in the ORC Chesapeake Championship scoring tabulation. Ties, if any, will be broken by using Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing.

The above criteria shall be used with the scoring method below for each yacht racing in ORC Open, and ORC Performance Cruiser. Each of the ORC divisions shall have independent scoring and awards.

Each yacht will be assigned 60 points. For each event scored, ten (10) points will be deducted from that yacht's assigned points to a maximum of sixty (60) points deducted. Each yacht's best six (6) final low point class scores from qualifying events will be totaled with the remaining assigned points (if any) to create the championship low point score. Scores in addition to the best six (6) class finishes will be removed from this scoring.